Archshark King is Simon Godfrey's creation with contributions from a range of talented musicians in London. A new single, Mr & Mrs Goode, is released on Friday 20 April 2018, with a new album, Hopes & Fears, a fortnight later.

Archshark King started in 2012 , when Simon returned to writing music after drumming in Drowning Craze (Situation 2 records), Passion Puppets (Stiff Records) and making music for film and TV with David Bickley as Synchroma. That was all in the 80s, and was followed by some years of financial endeavour.

The first album, Float & Kick, was released on 23 October 2015. There have been contributions from many musicians, including mainstays Sarah Godfrey (vocals), Keeling Lee (guitar), Hamish Jekyll (piano), Steve Elliott (saxes) and Kenny Rumbles (e-drums).

For the moment, the aims are to get some exposure for the new single and album and, hopefully, gain support from new fans and professionals. This time around, effort has been put in to promoting to radio stations, bloggers and the press. If you would like to stay in touch with Archshark King's progress, please sign up to the mailing list.