1. Mr & Mrs Goode

From the recording Mr & Mrs Goode


Be good people, have morals, be close
Fall in love over and over again
So we’re gonna steal a boat
And sail down to Panama
We could live on the beach
Just me and you

I’m so sorry I changed
I wish we’d rewind

Words can’t describe how we feel
Drawings don’t show our shared world
But it means everything
We are everything
And I have the gun

If I’d stayed one more minute
I’d punch the walls till a bled
Stain the carpet with blood
So you could clear it up

It would be more healthy
To try to talk to new people
And be happy
Be happy

(Mr and Mrs Goode) Policeman dead at scene
(Mr and Mrs Goode) Two more shots heard
(Mr and Mrs Goode) For glory
(Mr and Mrs Goode) For glory

Officer’s ten-seven
German is ten-seven
German is ten-seven